Autumn Splendour - Autumn Winter 2017

sunday 10th September 2017

Travelling by car, on foot or by bike through the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, from the Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto with its wonderful frescoes including the famous Cristo della Domenica, to the small sanctuary in neo-Romantic style from the late 1830s, one understands the complex, intricate rapport that exists between the beauty of rural culture and that of art and civilization. The same emotional response can be felt when admiring Cima’s Madonna in trono col bambino fra angeli e santi in Pieve di Soligo where, on a small hill, rises an ancient tower.

The landscape rings out with a thoroughly human sensitivity where things are at once both functional and respectful. The complex system of vines that embroider the hills, that run through woodlands across those rare fields and lakes, across rivers and streams, among caves and springs, a landscape dotted with farmhouses, small castles and villas, with abbeys, monasteries and churches coming together to form a whole which illuminates community life and creates a desire for wandering. Rising and falling, the hills open to the view like curtains, sometimes thick, sometimes light, depending on the rain, the clouds, the sun and the light, to a great theatre of vineyards, created spontaneously or by the work of man to get the most of the resources here.

Over the seasons and hours the ancient and modern life of the inhabitants finds its dimension through painting, architecture and poetry. Here we see the results of the work of a population over the centuries, moving between tradition and innovation in the search for a balance between possibility and technique, elevating and honouring humanity’s skills and ingenuity as well as agricultural practices.



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