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Vincenzo Toffoli, of peasant origin, approaches the viticulture world
in his youngest years. Besides the agricultural occupation he works grafting
little vines and with this job he starts to become very keen on grafts
and some varieties of clones. After his marriage in the '50s, because of the
economic crisis, he leaves for Great Britain, where he lives for 12 years doing
the greengrocer and the gardener. When he comes back in Italy he buys a small
5 hectares farm in Refrontolo and, in 1964, he founds the Farm, cultivating
the vineyards, rearing milk-cows, taking care of the wood and rearing silk worms
with the mulberry trees that supported the rows of vines, to give his family
a grater economic support.


Refrontolo is a small village 216 metres high. It is an hill area where
the environmental and microclimatic conditions of the area have always created
the ideal habitat for vineyards cultivation. The 10 hectares of the Farm vineyards
are cultivated in an amazing valley facing south and repaired from the air currents.
The glacial/alluvial origin land has a good combination of sand and clay,
which determines an adequate accumulation of mineral and organic substances
which give our wines unique aromatic qualities.


In Toffoli Farm the grapes are picked up exclusively with the hands and they are
carefully selected, they are processed combining ancient methods and modern technologies.
The research and the development of new techniques are essential to the Farm which works
everyday to offer the consumer a quality product more and more genuine. The pressing of
the grapes has done with the entire bunches of grapes by a soft pressing and without
oxygen, in order to get a better extraction of the grapes aromatic components. The temperature control starts from the press and continues during every phase of the wine ripening, preserving the aromas and obtain an high quality product.
Our strenght is the possibility of control the product from the vineyard to the bottle,
and to guarantee the consumer rigorousness in every phase of the processing.


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