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Valdoc Sartori


For over 50 years the VALDOC SARTORI company has been cultivating the vine according to the traditional criteria that have always guided those who work the land: passion for their work, tenacity in pursuing a goal and respect for nature.

Many elements make a wine a great wine; the grapes,of course, the terrain, the microclimate, the exposure to the sun, a particularly good vintage…
However, these factors, though necessary, are not enough. It is man, with his work, his experience and his history, who gives excellence to a quality product and makes it even better.

The Sartori family has known this for a long time. Arduino, Massimiliano and Alberto do not spare themselves when working on the steep slopes of their vinyards, which are beautiful to see but not easy to cultivate. Hard work and sweat are seasonings for the mature vines which have been there for more than fifty years, treated with respect and passion, known almost by name by their owners, who can tell where a bunch of grapes chosen at random, comes from.

A professionalness which is almost affectionate links the Sartoris to their products, which, by their wish, are genuine, safe, and able to transmit to clients the flavours of the land they come from.

The Prosecco DOCG (appellation controlée et guarantie) produced by the Sartori family tells of the hard work, the passion, the craft of those who made it possible, every year the same but every year different, always good, always safe, always wishing to be tasted and remembered.


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