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Scandolera Farm takes its name from the district where it is located, known as: Scandolera. Colbertaldo is a town located in the municipality of Valdobbiadene - Conegliano, characterized by steep little hills with rocky slopes planted with the vineyard that give us the prized Prosecco grapes. This is where Scandolera Farm has always grown its excellent grapes.

The mild, temperate climate ensured by the protection of the prealpine hills to the north and the plains to the south, make it the ideal habitat for the cultivation of the vineyards. Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are, for connoisseurs of fine wines, synonymous with Prosecco: the area where this particular quality of grapes finds its ideal climate for the production of Prosecco DOCG.

The company is a family operation, with every member directly involved in growing and caring for the grapes, selection and winemaking. Particular attention is devoted to the harvest, because the grapes must be picked, strictly by hand, at exactly the right time, and processed with care to ensure the extraordinary quality of Scandolera wines.

The Scandolera farm currently operates about 17 hectares of vineyards, located in different parts of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene district. Its strong point consists of the fact that its land is not all located in a single area, but throughout the entire Prosecco DOCG area to ensure different microclimate and geological characteristics (soil structure) so as to obtain “cuvee” wines (the product of grapes harvested in the different vineyards) with a perfect balance of aromas, fragrances and bouquet that should be as constant as possible, proof the quality of fine wine. Briefly, the entire Scandolera production is immediately recognizable by the unmistakable fragrance of the zone of production: the Conegliano - Valdobbiadene district, in the heart of the High Marche.


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